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The Greene's

7/11/2023 - 52:16

We're excited to bring you a conversation that's close to our hearts, as we sit with the Greene's, hosts of the Talk It Out show on the ASEX network. This power couple offers a rare insight into their journey of creating their groundbreaking show, which shines a light on the oft-overlooked issues faced by military families. Their candid take on being the only pair in their circle who've opted for counseling is a testament to their commitment to fostering transparent conversations in relationships and friendships. Roll up your sleeves as we delve into the nitty-gritty of marriage counseling and mental health awareness, specifically targeting military families. We take a hard look at the unique challenges veterans grapple with when they hang up their uniforms and transition back to civilian and family life. Hear firsthand the impact of Norman's deployment on his loved ones, and the inherent difficulties of reintegration. Military spouses, you're not forgotten - we discuss the pressures you face and the support available to you. Our chat with the Greene's also provides a sneak peek into the future of Talk It Out, revealing upcoming topics from step parenting to mental health, and even hints at a surprise guest. Learn about their collaboration with the ASEX Network, the heartwarming feedback they've garnered, and their vision for the future. We also touch on the often-underappreciated sacrifices of single military parents and the priceless value of care packages to soldiers on deployment. Join us on this journey with the Greene's, a discussion you won't want to miss. I want to thank you for taking the time and visiting us. If you enjoyed this episode please like, subscribe, follow, and share so other can enjoy. The Green's Website: Talk It Out Instagram: @talkitout_withthegreens Sonar Da Funky One Website: Shattered Aspirations

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